Dr. Mark Neumann, a doctor from Michigan, receives approval with 36 other physicians to prescribe medical marijuana certificates in Ohio. These physicians are part of the first round of doctors to receive approval.

Temperance, MI (June 11, 2018) – Recently, the Ohio State Medical Board approved 36 physicians to recommend marijuana to patients. Most of these physicians are from Northeast Ohio. Dr. Neumann is the only doctor from Michigan included in the first round of physicians receiving a certificate to recommend.

In the past, many Ohio doctors were not willing to participate in the state’s medical marijuana program in part because it is still a federally illegal substance. Additionally, employers did not allow it. This created an obstacle for Ohio and other states, so they modified regulations so more physicians would be more willing to participate.

The requirements to obtain a “certificate to recommend” are to have an active and unrestricted MD or DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) license from Ohio’s State Medical Board, and to participate in two hours of continuing medical education annually related to treating patients with qualifying conditions.

If a doctor wants to recommend marijuana to a patient, they need to explain the benefits and risks of using it. They also need to confirm the patient has a medical condition that qualifies for marijuana use. Physicians can recommend marijuana to minors if they have a certificate to recommend and a parent or guardian consents to the treatment.

Dr. Neumann is a physician with a DO license and is from Lambertville, Michigan.